Abbe's lead vocalist Maksina Yurmölashek performing in 2015. (DJ K and Allygator in the background on the drums).
Origin Vershando, Lashardia
Genres Lashpop, electronic
Years active 2004–present
Labels Cyclops Records
Members Maksina Yurmölashek

Abbe is a Lashardian trio consisting of vocalist Maksina Yurmölashek and producers DJ K and Allygator. The group is known for their electronic fused Lashpop music.


2004–2007: Formation and Start 'Er UpEdit

Abbe was formed in 2004 when Maksina Yurmölashek was lending her vocals to various DJs for their songs. Eventually she met DJ K and Allygator, and they formed Abbe together. The trio was known under the names Dragongirl, Tiahdrome, and Akira before settling on Abbe. They were signed to Cyclops Records in 2005, and released their debut single "Start Me Up" the following year.

The song however was not successful, and their album, Start 'Er Up, was released shortly after with little promotion. The single "Waterfall" was released later and become a Top 10 hit, catapulting their album into the Top 10 of the Lashardian albums chart as well. The album also produced the hit single "Nitro".

2007–2012: Rollercoaster and hiatusEdit

After the shocking success of Start 'Er Up, the group began work on their second studio album. The lead single "Life Is a Rollercoaster" was released in 2008, and became a number-one hit in Lashardia. The album Rollercoaster, was later released the same year and peaked at number-one as well.

Following the release of the album, the group went on a hiatus due to Yurmölashek deciding to pursue a solo career.

2012–2014: ReincarnatedEdit

In 2011, Abbe reformed and announced their third studio album Reincarnated would be released in 2012 with a bigger focus on electronic music than Lashpop. The album's lead single "Livin' On a Moment" was released shortly later and peaked at number-one.

The album became their best selling album of all-time, peaking at number-one and being certified four times platinum. It produced the other hit singles "Touch Me" and "Wanna Be Loved".

2014–present: Be My GuestEdit

The group began working on their fourth studio album in 2014. The album's lead single "Be My Guest" was released in 2015, and despite heavy promotion, failed to reach the Top 50 singles in Lashardia. The album of the same name was released later in the year and peaked at number twelve on the Lashardian albums chart, becoming their worst performing album of all-time.

They took part in Mösikalifestivali 2016 with the song "True Believer", but did not qualify from their semi-final, placing last.


  • Maksina Yurmölashek – lead vocals
  • DJ K – production, songwriting
  • Allygator – production, songwriting


Studio albumsEdit

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Year Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
2006 Start 'Er Up
  • Label: Cyclops Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD, LP
  • LAS: Gold
2008 Rollercoaster
  • Label: Cyclops Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD, LP
  • LAS: 3x platinum
2012 Reincarnated
  • Label: Cyclops Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD, LP
  • LAS: 4x platinum
2015 Be My Guest
  • Label: Cyclops Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD, LP


List of singles as lead artist, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"Start Me Up" 2005 98 Start 'Er Up
"Waterfall" 2006 4
  • LAS: Platinum
"Nitro" 10
  • LAS: Gold
"Life Is a Rollercoaster" 2008 1
  • LAS: 3x platinum
"Livin' On a Moment" 2012 1
  • LAS: 5x platinum
"Touch Me" 5
  • LAS: Platinum
"Wanna Be Loved" 2013 8
  • LAS: Platinum
"Be My Guest" 2015 56 Be My Guest
"True Believer" 2016 Mösikalifestivali 2016

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Event Category Nominated work Result
2006 Lashardian Music Awards Breakout Artist Nominated
2008 Lashardian Music Awards Best Band, Duo, or Group Won
Best Pop Song "Life Is a Rollercoaster" Nominated
Best Pop Album Rollercoaster Nominated
Asmatic Music Awards Best Lashardian Musician Nominated
2012 Lashardian Music Awards Best Band, Duo, or Group Won
Artist of the Year Nominated
Best Pop Song "Livin' On a Moment" Nominated
Best Pop Album Reincarnated Nominated
Asmatic Music Awards Best Lashardian Musician Nominated