Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels performing on their 2011 reunion tour.
(L–R: Migelsöhoffmann, Shashinöbach, Leftöhamm)
Origin Ubenmoor, Lashardia
Genres Lashpop
Years active 1991–1997, 2011, 2014
Labels Cyclops Records
Members Marta Migelsöhoffmann
Darya Shashinöbach
Lina Leftöhamm

Fallen Angels was a Lashardian girl group consisting of Marta Migelsöhoffmann, Darya Shashinöbach, and Lina Leftöhamm during the 1990s.

Fallen Angels was formed in 1991 by Cyclops Records due to a gap in the market for a Lashpop girl group. Following their formation, the group began work on their debut studio album and released the lead single "Superstition" in 1993. Their debut album, A Kiss from Hell, was later released in 1994.

Following the release of their first album, conflict within the group had arisen, but their contract stated they must release at least two studio albums with Cyclops Music. The group decided their second studio album, Goodbye, Xoxo, would be their farewell album as a group before pursuing solo careers. The album produced the hit singles "Devil", "Run Run Run", and "Baby Love", and catapulted the group into international stardom, establishing them as a household name. 


1991–1994: Formation and A Kiss from HellEdit

In early 1991, Lashardian record label Cyclops Records put out an open call for female singers aged 14-19 to try out for an upcoming Lashpop girl group. After multiple rounds of auditions, the three-person lineup of 15-year-old Marta Migelsöhoffmann, 16-year-old Darya Shashinöbach, and 19-year-old Lina Leftöhamm were revealed in autumn 1991.

The group spent their first two years defining their sound, and eventually released their debut single "Superstition" in 1993. The song was a huge success in Lashardia, reaching the top five of the Lashardian singles chart. Their debut studio album A Kiss from Hell, was released in 1994 and was a success. The album spawned the singles "Just Can't Say (Hello)" and "Going Nowhere".

1995–1997: Goodbye, Xoxo and disbandmentEdit

Following the release of their first album, the Lashardian tabloids began reporting on internal disputes within the group, some speculating on a possible breakup. However, as their contract with Cyclops Records stated that at least two studio albums must be released with the label, they began work on their second studio album in 1995.

The group mutually agreed upon having the second album be their farewell album as a group, and introduce their solo careers. They released the lead single from the album "Devil", in 1996, which went on to top the Lashardian charts. The album, Goodbye, Xoxo, was released in 1997 and reached number-one as well. The album also produced the hit singles "Run Run Run" and "Baby Love". In November 1997, the group officially announced their breakup.

2011–2014: ReunionEdit

After years of requests from fans, in early 2011, Migelsöhoffmann revealed that a Fallen Angels reunion tour would happen that year and be visiting ten cities in Lashardia. Following the last night of the tour, the group released their official farewell single, "Viva", which was recorded during the Goodbye, Xoxo sessions but scrapped before the album was finalized.

They performed together again in 2014 at the induction ceremony for the Lashardian Music Hall of Fame, where they were being inducted.


  • Marta Migelsöhoffmann (born 2 July 1976 in Van Hidewind, Lashardia), was originally best known as a child actress, starring in the children's television show Hopershik from 1986–1991. Following the show's ending, she became a member of Fallen Angels. Despite being the youngest member of the group, she was noted by critics for having the strongest voice of the three. Following the group's disbandment, Migelsöhoffmann rebranded herself as Era, and achieved the greatest achievements as a solo artist of the three girls, releasing several albums and number-one singles.
  • Darya Shashinöbach (born 22 December 1974 in Ubenmoor, Lashardia), was a student at the prestigious Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts until being selected for the group. She was unofficially branded as the leader of the Fallen Angels, handling most of their interviews and possessing the most solos in their songs. Following the group's disbandment, Shashinöbach signed a recording contract with rival record label Akai Music Group, where she managed a semi-successful career. She has been one of the four mentors of The X Factor: Lashardia since the show's inception.
  • Lina Leftöhamm (born 29 May 1972 in Kesa, Lashardia), was a ballet student before being selected for the group. During her time in the Fallen Angels, Leftöhamm established herself as a sex symbol, being named Lashardia's Sexiest Woman in 1997. Following the disbandment of the group, she married Lashardian footballer Ivan Patsöpack and has starred in the reality show The Real Housewives of Ubenmoor since the show's second season. Leftöhamm has went on to pursue a highly successful career in fashion design.


Studio albumsEdit

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Year Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
1994 A Kiss from Hell
  • Label: Cyclops Records
  • Format: CD, LP
6 13
  • LAS: Gold
1997 Goodbye, Xoxo
  • Label: Cyclops Records
  • Format: CD, LP
1 9
  • LAS: 3x platinum


List of singles as lead artist, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"Superstition" 1993 5 10
  • LAS: Platinum
  • PES: Gold
A Kiss from Hell
"Just Can't Say (Hello)" 1994 12
"Going Nowhere" 20
"Devil" 1996 1 3
  • LAS: 4x platinum
  • PES: 3x platinum
Goodbye, Xoxo
"Run Run Run" 1997 3 2
  • LAS: Platinum
  • PES: 3x platinum
"Baby Love" 8 10
  • LAS: Platinum
  • PES: Platinum
"Viva" 2011 75 Non-album single


  • The Fallen Angels: Live (1994)
  • Goodbye, Xoxo (1996–97)
  • The Return of the Fallen Angels (2011)

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Event Category Nominated work Result
1994 Lashardian Music Awards Breakout Artist Nominated
1997 Lashardian Music Awards Best Band, Duo, or Group Won
Best Pop Song "Devil" Won
Asmatic Music Awards Best Lashardian Musician Nominated