Crown Princess of Lashardia
Personal Information
Born (2003-08-01) 1 August 2003 (age 15)
King's Royal Hospital, Ubenmoor, Lashardia
Full name Gaia Kristina Maria Esmeralda
House House of Windenburg
Father King Zak of Lashardia
Mother Queen Sabina of Lashardia
Religion Lashardian Orthodox Christianity

Gaia, Crown Princess of Lashardia (Lashardian: Kravniżklackom Gailasda; born 1 August 2003) is the oldest child of Queen Sabina of Lashardia and King Zak of Lashardia.

Crown Princess Gaia is the first-in-line to the Lashardian throne and heir apparent to her mother. If she ascends to the throne as expected, she will become the first Lashardian queen regnant to be born with the right to rule on her own.


Crown Princess Gaia Kristina Maria Esmeralda was born on 1 August 2003 in the King's Royal Hospital in Hoffmann. She is the first child of (then) Crown Princess Sabina and Crown Prince Zak, and the second grandchild of (then) King Oleg II and Queen Pia. After her birth was made public, 101 salute shots were fired at in Ubenmoor.


Like her mother, aunts, and uncle, Gaia is educated by private tutors in the royal palace. It has been reported that Gaia is very interested in the social sciences, and that she would like to attend a public high school. She can speak fluent Lashardian, Pesan, English, and basic Rentuscan.

Royal dutiesEdit

Gaia's royal duties largely consist of accompanying her parents to royal occasions, such as celebrations of Lashardian Independence Day, the Royal Family's birthdays, and dinners and state visits with other members of the royal family.

Personal lifeEdit

The Princess resides with her parents and siblings in the royal palace located in Hoffmann.