District of Hoffmann
Hoffmann within Ubenmoor
Country Lashardia Lashardia
City Ubenmoorflag Ubenmoor
Population 1,842 (est. 2015)

Hoffmann is a district of Ubenmoor located in West Ubenmoor.

Hoffmann has long been known as the wealthiest district of Ubenmoor, and one of the wealthiest regions of the entire nation. A large population of Lashardian celebrities and prominent people reside in the district. Both the Lashardian presidential residence and Lashardian royal palace are located in Hoffmann.


Ethnic groupsEdit

According to the 2012 census, 97% of Hoffmann residents identify as ethnically Lashardian, while 3% identify as other races. Over 95% of those identifying as other races are of Pesan descent, while the rest are either Adoriamian, Consensumian, or Zakharian.


There is one Lashardian Orthodox Church located in Hoffmann. According to the 2012 census, 62% of the population identified as Lashardian Orthodox Christian. A further 33% identified as atheist, agnostic, or unaffiliated, 4% of Muslim, and 1% as other religions.


Hoffmann is home to two primary schools, both of them ranking in the Top 10 of academic excellence in Lashardian primary schools. The district is also home to five high schools, the most notable of which being Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts, which has been the most prestigious performing arts high school in all of Lashardia since the early 1900s.