House of Windenburg
Country Lashardia
Titles Monarch of Lashardia
Founded 1899; 117 years ago
Founder Piet Osmanöwindenburg
Current Head Queen Sabina of Lashardia

The House of Windenburg is the current royal house of Lashardia and has reigned since 1899. It is the only house to have ruled an independent Lashardia. The house was founded by King Piet (born Piet Osmanöwindenburg) when he was chosen as the first King of Lashardia following their independence in 1899.

Monarchs of LashardiaEdit



In 1900, King Piet enacted a general list of rules and guidelines for the titles of members of the royal family, that are still followed to this day. Only members born into the family are legally allowed to use the titles "King", "Queen", "Princess", or "Prince". The titles "King" or "Queen", are only bestowed upon the ruling monarch of the country. Their husband or wife, can be known as the "King Consort" or "Queen Consort", but only upon the Windenburg spouse's ascension to the throne. If the spouse outlives the monarch, they become known as the "The King Father" or "The Queen Mother". The children of the monarch are known as "Prince of Ubenmoor" or "Princess of Ubenmoor". They are given these titles following their parents' ascension to the throne, and keep them for life, until the eldest-born child becomes monarch. The eldest-born child bears the title "Crown Prince" or "Crown Princess" insead. The spouses of the children of the monarch are known as "Duke of Ubenmoor" or "Duchess of Ubenmoor".

The grandchildren of the monarch (only through the the Crown Prince or Princess's bloodline) are known as "Lord of Ubenmoor" or "Lady of Ubenmoor", until their parents succeed the throne. The children of younger children of the monarch use these titles throughout their whole life. The spouses of these children are stylized the same way. Their children use the Lord/Lady title, but have their full-names follow it. For example, Lady Esmeralda Danyelöwindenburg. Their children possess the titles of "Baron" or "Baroness", followed by their full-names. The children of Barons and Baronesses do not possess royal titles. The spouses of Lords/Ladies and Barons/Baronesses do not possess royal titles. It is expected of all members of the royal family to pass down the surname "Windenburg", regardless of gender.

Entire royal houseEdit

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