Lashardian Social Democratic Party
Lashardian name Lasdipolunisosiaaldemokraata
Leader Andres Gabsöbeek
Founded 1899
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Center-left
Color Navy

The Lashardian Social Democratic Party (Lashardian: Lasdipolunisosiaaldemokraata), often called simply Sosiaaldemokraatö in Lashardian, is a social democratic party in Lashardia and the nation's largest political party. The current leader of the party is current Prime Minister of Lashardia Andres Gabsöbeek.

One of the oldest political parties in Lashardia, the party was founded in 1899 shortly before the nation received its independence from the Kingdom of Titova. It began to gradually gain support in the nation, and from 1988 to 2012 the country had solely Social Democratic presidents.

The party sits in the center-left of the political spectrum, with its main ideology being social democracy.

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