District of Lava Ubenmoor – Flast
Lava Ubenmoor – Flast within Ubenmoor
Country Lashardia Lashardia
City Ubenmoorflag Ubenmoor
Population 252,269 (est. 2015)

Lava Ubenmoor – Flast (English: New Ubenmoor – North), commonly known as simply Flast, is a district of Ubenmoor located in South Ubenmoor.

Flast is the third-most populated district of Ubenmoor. It largely consists of suburban middle-class families, and in 2013 was ranked number-one on "Lashardia's Best Places to Raise Kids" by the LashardianTimes.


Ethnic groupsEdit

According to the 2012 census, 87% of Flast residents identify as ethnically Lashardian, while 10% identify as Pesan, and 3% as other races.


Flast is home to six Lashardian Orthodox Churches, two Mosques, and a Roman Catholic Church. According to the 2012 census, 73% of residents identify as Lashardian Orthodox Christian, 9% as Muslim, 15% as atheist, agnostic, or unaffiliated, and 3% as other religions. 100% of the residents belonging to the other religions category are either Zakharian Orthodox Christians or Sodraxian Roman Catholics.


Flast is home to eighteen primary schools and twenty-seven high schools.