Republic of Mockingtopia
Mok Sa Vø Ta
(and largest city)
Official languages Mockingtopian
Ethnic groups –98% Mockingtopian
–2% Others
Demonym Mockingtopian
Government Parliamentary republic
Leaders –President: Jav So
–Prime Minster: Kun Ka
Independence –12 December 1102

–13 September 1787
(monarchy abolished)

Population 1,009,295 (estimate as of 2016)
Currency Mockingtopian Moka

Mockingtopia (Mockingtopian: Mok Sa), officially the Republic of Mockingtopia (Mockingtopian: Mok Sa Vø Ta), is a country located in northwestern Asmatys.

It is bordered by Naxni to the south and Homea to the east. As of a 2016 estimate, Mockingtopian has over 1 million inhabitants. 

Mockingtopian is a parliamentary republic, established under its current form in 1787. The capital city is Ord, and the official language is Mockingtopian. Mockingtopia is a unitary state, comprised of five provinces, further subdivided into municipalities.

Indigenous people of Mockingtopia are known as Mockingtopians, who speak the Mockingtopian language. Mockingtopian is a language isolate, with no known related languages in the world.

Mockingtopia is unique for never Christianizing itself, unlike other nearby territories. Mockingtopians belong to the Lestinist faith, a polytheistic religion practiced in Mockingtopia since the beginning of its civilization. Just short of 100% of Mockingtopians identify as Lestinists, and religion plays a major part in Mockingtopian society.

The Kingdom of Mockingtopia was founded on 12 December 1102. At the time, the territory of Mockingtopia was made up of several Mockingtopian-speaking city-states. After peaceful discussions, the city-states unified into one large kingdom. On 13 September 1787, through violent exchanges, the monarchy was abolished in favor of a parliamentary republic. Throughout its existence, Mockingtopia has remained neutral in international conflicts.

Mockingtopia is a member of the Asmatic Union. Its currency is the Mockingtopia Moka. 




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Ethnic groupsEdit

For centuries, Mockingtopia's population has been largely homogeneous. According to the 2014 census, 98% of the country identify as Mockingtopian, and 2% identify as other races. The majority of the country's non-Mockingtopian population reside on the border with Naxni or Homea.

Mockingtopia is also home to small communities of refugees from Naxni, who have been arriving since the 1970s.


The sole language of Mockingtopia is Mockingtopian, a language isolate. Mockingtopian can be significantly broken down into varying distinct dialects. Each province speaks their own notable dialect, while these provincial dialects can sometimes be subgrouped into various less-notable city dialects. Many Mockingtopian dialects are unintelligible to each other, so standard Mockingtopian is often used as a lingua franca. The dialect spoken in Ord is often deemed "standard Mockingtopian".

Approximately 99% of Mockingtopians speak Mockingtopian as their first language, while 1% speak other languages, mainly Naxnic. Over 87% of Mockingtopians can speak a foreign language, while of those 87%, 10% can speak more than one foreign language. The most common foreign languages in Mockingtopia are English, Naxnic, Homean, Rentuscan, Lashardian, Naxnic, and Adoriamian.


The largest religion in Mockingtopian is Lestinism, with 98% of Mockingtopians identifying themselves as Lestinist. Lestinism is a polytheistic faith unique to Mockingtopia. It has a strong influence over Mockingtopian culture, society, and government. After Lestinism, 1% of Mockingtopians identify as atheist or agnostic, while 1% identify as other religions.

Studies have shown that religion is a major part of Mockingtopians' lives. According to a 2014 survey, 90% of Mockingtopians attend temple or pray weekly, while 7% haven't been to temple or prayed in over a year. In the same survey, 97% of Mockingtopians agreed with the sentence, "There are Gods watching over us", while 2% agreed with the sentence, "There is some sort of spirit or life force, but no Gods", and 1% agreed with the sentence, "There are no Gods, spirit, or life force".

However, Mockingtopians have often showed themselves to be tolerant of other religions. According to the same 2014 survey, 97% of Mockingtopians agreed with the phrase "You don't have to be religious to be moral". A further 68% of Mockingtopians stated that they would "marry someone of a different religion".


Education is broken down into two halves; primary school and secondary school. Primary school lasts from ages 5 to 14, while secondary school lasts from ages 14 to 18. Only primary is mandatory for all students, but a large majority choose to attend secondary as well, as there are very few opportunities for those who don't. There are also government-sponsored preschools for children ages 3 to 4. These preschools are free for all citizens or permanent residents, and are designed to take care of children following the end of paid two-year maternity leave.

In primary school, students receive very little academic freedom. Students are assigned to a one class with one teacher who remain the same each year. That teacher teaches the class basic subjects such as mathematics, Mockingtopian, history, science, religion, and geography. They go to separate teachers with their class to study physical education, art, music, computers, and English.

Unlike primary schools, students can choose whichever secondary school they'd like to attend, either a gymnasium or vocational school While all gymnasiums have the same core subjects taught, certain gymnasiums specialize in certain fields, such as science and mathematics, foreign languages, classic languages, or social sciences. Vocational schools are offered for a multitude of careers.

After graduating from secondary school, students who studied at a gymnasium are encouraged to attend university. As university is free in Mockingtopia, competition is fierce, and thus many students opt to attend polytechnic universities which are scattered around the country and offer open admission to everyone.

The largest university in Mockingtopia is Mockingtopian International University, located in Ord. Each large city has a central university, as well.


The Mockingtopian healthcare system is a universal program, funded through government taxation. Mockingtopia ranks very high against other Asmatys nations in terms of percent of their GDP spent on healthcare. There were 76 hospitals in Mockingtopia as of 2013.