Monika Radöbark
Radöbark in 2014
Born Monika Radöbark
(1970-04-19) 19 April 1970 (age 48)
Van Hidewind, Lashardia
Occupation Recording artist, model
Spouse Jem Krulöhoft (1998–2000)
Evert Halöpaff (2005–2014)
Children Ragan Evertöpaff (b. 2007)
Dirk Evertöpaff (b. 2007)
Deirdra Evertöpaff (b. 2007)
Musical Career
Genres Lashpop, soul
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1988–1996, 2014–present (singing)
Labels Akai Music Group

Monika Davorchka Radöbark (born 19 April 1970) is a Lashardian recording artist and model. She became a prominent figure in Lashardian music during the late-1980s and early-1990s, for combining Lashpop music with her distinct, raspy, soulful voice, in addition to being one of the first Lashpop musicians to perform in English.

Her debut studio album Introducing, was released in 1990 to rave reviews, solidifying Radöbark as a household name. Her second studio album titled Omniscient was released in 1993. Upon its release, Radöbark developed a rivalry with fellow Lashpop singer Korinne Erikösens, an artist signed to the rival record label Cyclops Records.

Her third studio album Sweet Melodies was released in 1996, being under the impression that it'd outsell Erikösens album which was released the same week. However, the album flopped and Radöbark abruptly ended her music career, instead pursuing modeling.

In 2015, Radöbark released the single "Chains", her first release in almost twenty years. The song debuted at number-one on the Lashardian singles chart. Her fourth studio album, I'm Back Bitches, released later in the same year, also debuted at the top spot.

Life and careerEdit

Early lifeEdit

Monika Radöbark was born on 19 April 1970 in Van Hidewind (now Vanvind), Dayasland. Her father Rad was a Lashardian Orthodox priest while her mother Aleksandrina was a homemaker. She had a younger brother Aleks and described her upbringing as "über Conservative". The family was middle class.

Radöbark attended primary school in Van Hidewind, where she struggled with academics and got in trouble frequently. On her primary school experience, she stated "I had fun. It was my escape from my home life so I did things I couldn't do at home. Sure, me and my friends made our teachers go insane, but I needed to get it out of my system."

After graduating in 1985, she began attended a cooking-focused high school, at the insistence of her parents. After graduating in 1988, she ran away from home to live in Ubenmoor and pursue a music career.

1988–1991: Breakthrough and IntroducingEdit

After arriving in Ubenmoor, Radöbark worked as a stripper to support herself while trying to make a living doing music. After a year in the city, she was signed to Akai Music Group after auditioning at an open call.

Radöbark's debut single "My Universe" was released in 1990, and peaked at number-one on the Lashardian singles chart. The album, titled Introducing, was later released in the same year and achieved similar feats. The album also produced the hit singles "Glorious" and "What Hurts Most".

1992–1994: OmniscientEdit

Work on her second studio album began in early 1992. The album's lead single "Arms" was released later in the year, and was a commercial success. Radöbark later revealed that her second album would be titled Omniscient and that it would be released in 1993.

Upon its release, the album only reached second on the Lashardian albums chart behind upcoming singer Korinne Erikösens. This caused an intense rivalry between the two musicians, which was heavily reported on by the entertainment media. Radöbark infamously walked out on an interview in 1994 after being asked what she thought about Erikösens' music. Despite the controversy, the album also produced the hit singles "Clumsy" and "Play It Cool".

1995–1996: Sweet Melodies and musical hiatusEdit

In 1995, Radöbark revealed that she had begun work on a third studio album and that it'd be released sometime in 1996. Media outlets instantly speculated that Radöbark was intentionally releasing an album around the same time as Erikösens to compete for sales.

The album's lead single "Hostage" was released the same year, but was heavily outperformed by Erikösens' singles "Life Isn't Fair" and "In My World". The following year, Radöbark released the album, titled Sweet Melodies, a commercial and critical failure.

Following the release of the album and taunting she received from the media, Radöbark abruptly retired from the music industry, and began a modeling career. Radöbark's modeling career was fairly successful, walking in the runway shows of many prominent designers and being named the face of Kalvin Urgöfug's 2000 collection. She was present at Erikösens 2001 funeral.

2014–present: Return to music and I'm Back BitchesEdit

In a 2014 interview, Radöbark revealed that after many years of consideration she had finally decided to return to the music industry. The following year, she released her comeback single "Chains" to critical acclaim. The song debuted at number-one on the Lashardian singles chart.

Her fourth studio album, titled I'm Back Bitches, was released later in the year, and also debuted at number-one on the Lashardian charts. She took part in Mösikalifestivali 2016 along with Anastasia Pricharcha and Malisa with the song "Bendat". They won their semi-final and went on to place fourth in the final.

Personal lifeEdit

Radöbark was raised in the Lashardian Orthodox faith, but no longer considers herself a member of the religion. In 1998, Radöbark was married to lawyer Jem Krulöhoft. After a year of marriage, Radöbark filed for divorce against Krulöhoft citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized in 2000.

Radöbark married Lashardian high school teacher and her childhood friend Evert Halöpaff in 2005. They had triplets Ragan, Dirk, and Deirdra in 2007. They split amicably in 2012, and divorced in 2014. She currently resides in Hoffmann, Ubenmoor. Radöbark has had no contact with her parents since 1990, and they were not invited to either of her weddings.


Studio albumsEdit

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Year Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
1990 Introducing
  • Label: Akai Music Group
  • Format: CD, LP
1 1
  • LAS: 3x platinum
  • PES: Platinum
1993 Omniscient
  • Label: Akai Music Group
  • Format: CD, LP
2 3
  • LAS: Platinum
  • PES: Platinum
1996 Sweet Melodies
  • Label: Akai Music Group
  • Format: CD, LP
12 59
2015 I'm Back Bitches
  • Label: Akai Music Group
  • Format: Digital download, CD, LP
1 1
  • LAS: 4x platinum
  • PES: 3x platinum


List of singles as lead artist, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"My Universe" 1990 1 2
  • LAS: 3x platinum
  • PES: Platinum
"Glorious" 1991 3 5
  • LAS: Platinum
  • PES: Gold
"What Hurts Most" 6 10
  • LAS: Gold
"Arms" 1992 2 2
  • LAS: Platinum
  • PES: Platinum
"Clumsy" 1993 10 15
"Play It Cool" 1994 11 29
"Hostage" 1996 32 Sweet Melodies
"Chains" 2015 1 1
  • LAS: 4x platinum
  • PES: 5x platinum
I'm Back Bitches
(Monika Radöbark, with Anastasia Pricharcha and Malisa)
2016 7 Mösikalifestivali 2016


  • Introducing Monika Radöbark (1990)
  • The Omniscient Tour (1993)
  • I'm Back Bitches: Monika Reunion Tour (2015–16)

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Event Category Nominated work Result
1990 Lashardian Music Awards Breakout Artist Won
Best Pop Song "My Universe" Won
Artist of the Year Nominated
1993 Lashardian Music Awards Artist of the Year Won
Best Female Artist Nominated
Best Pop Song "Arms" Nominated
Best Pop Album Omniscient Nominated
Asmatic Music Awards Best Lashardian Musician Nominated
1996 Lashardian Music Awards Best Female Artist Nominated
2015 Lashardian Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Won