Nikola & Nikolas
Nikola & Nikolas in 2016
Born Nikola Eminödin
Nikolas Eminödin
(1976-03-27) 27 March 1976 (age 42)
Fermeska, Lashardia
Occupation Comedians, television presenters, actors
Alma mater Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts (Nikola)
Lashardian International University (Nikolas, B.A.)
Political party Social Democrats
Years active 1999–present
Known for Hosting Lashardian Idol and Nikola & Nikolas

Nikola Jeraldina and Nikolas Halmsmit Eminödin (born 27 March 1976), known professionally as Nikola & Nikolas, are a Lashardian fraternal twin duo known for their work as comedians, television presenters, and actors.

Since 2005, they have hosted their late show Nikola & Nikolas on Pop TV and also host Lashardian Idol. They have become known throughout Lashardia for their off-color humor and thick northern accents.

Life and careerEdit

Early lifeEdit

Nikola and Nikolas Eminödin were born on 27 March 1976 in Fermeska, Skaarsland to mechanic Emin and saleswoman Margretha. Their paternal grandmother was from Adoriam.

The two attended primary school in Fermeska. While speaking of their primary school experience, Nikolas has stated, "Nikola was very popular at school but shit at grades while I was the exact opposite". After graduating in 1991, Nikola moved to Ubenmoor to attend Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts as a drama student, while Nikolas attended a natural sciences and mathematics high school in Fermeska with the hopes of becoming an accountant.

After graduating from high school in 1994, Nikola began acting in Ubenmoor independent films while Nikolas also moved to Ubenmoor to attend the Lashardian International University, graduating with a degree in accounting in 1998.

Standup careersEdit

After the two began to struggle finding work as an actress and accountant, respectively, they began performing standup routines at local comedy clubs individually. In 2001, they joined forces and were later signed to a management label in 2003.

Hosting careerEdit

In 2005, the Eminödins began hosting their own late night talk show on Pop TV called Nikola & Nikolas. The show has since become the most popular talk show on Lashardian television. In 2016, they hosted Lashardian Idol.

Personal livesEdit

Nikola resides in Hoffmann while Nikolas resides in Post. The two have both campaigned heavily for the Lashardian Social Democratic Party.

In 2007, Nikola married longtime boyfriend, standup comedian Markus Eliotörutger. They have three children together: Jakub (born 2009), Mikael (born 2011), and Elena (born 2013). In 2010, Nikolas married businesswoman Etta Rufusöholm. They have two children together: Anastasia (born 2011) and Viktoria (born 2012).