Location of North Ubenmoor

North Ubenmoor (Lashardian: Ubenmoori flast) is one of the four general regions of the city of Ubenmoor. It contains the districts of Dragonstone, Hoole, Flastland, Ric, and Vitcherch.

North Ubenmoor is the only rural area of Ubenmoor, and generally consists of farmland. While it's largely middle class, there are upper class communities in Flastland and Vitcherch, and lower class communities in Ric. North Ubenmoor is the most religious and least ethnically diverse region of Ubenmoor. 


North Ubenmoor district of Ric.

Farming is the most common industry in the region. In Hoole, potato farming is extremely common and the district produces the most potatoes per capita in all of Lashardia. However, Ric and Vitcherch are also known for their vineyards and winemaking.