Olla Ottöfrenz
29th President of Lashardia
In office
18 September 2012 – 18 September 2016
Prime minister Andres Gabsöbeek
Monarch Queen Sabina
Preceded by Samantina Andersöjeva
Succeeded by Anya Hanköfork
Leader of the Green Party of Lashardia
In office
17 June 1996 – 4 June 2010
Preceded by Edmunds Edmundsöperl
Succeeded by Lina Palöjamala
Member of Lashardian Parliament
In office
18 September 1994 – 18 September 2012
Prime minister Georg Draakökörl
Pal Jentöhivin
Andres Gabsöbeek
Personal Information
Born Olla Ottöfrenz
(1952-03-18) 18 March 1952 (age 66)
Beck, Lashardia
Alma mater Lashardian International University (B.A.)
Ubenmoor School of Law (J.D.)
Political party Social Democrats (before 1990)
Green (after 1990)
Religion Irreligious
Spouse Kenn Magsölee (1990–)
Children Lilia Kennölee (b. 1992)
Pandora Kennölee (b. 1992)

Olla Sabine Ottöfrenz (born 18 March 1952) is a Lashardian politician and the 29th President of Lashardia. She is a member of the Green Party and served as president from 2012 to 2016.

Initially, she had no interest in pursuing a career in politics, and worked as an attorney for ten years. Her first elected position was a Beck city councilwoman in 1989, which she held for two years before beginning to work intensively for the newly emerging Green Party. In the 1994 parliamentary election, she was elected into the Lashardian parliament as a member of the Green Party. Most of the issues she handled in parliament were related to social issues.

Ottöfrenz is a green who believes in socialism, egalitarianism, pro-immigration, and pro-environmentalism. In 2014, she was ranked as the most powerful woman in Asmatys.

Education and early careerEdit

Ottöfrenz was born in Beck, Skaarsland, the northernmost province of the country. Her father Ott Jaksöfrenz was a fisherman, while her mother Magnolya Palsövaksen was a nurse. She has a younger sister Kressa who's also a politician, and a younger brother Ott.

Ottöfrenz graduated from high school in Beck in 1970 and moved on to attend the Lashardian International University in Ubenmoor, where she majored in political science. After earning her bachelor's degree, she graduated from Ubenmoor School of Law in 1977, and worked as an attorney for 10 years before entering the political industry.

Political careerEdit

Beck city councilEdit

At the urging of her younger sister Kressa, in 1989, Ottöfrenz ran for city councilwoman of the second electoral district of Beck. She was elected into the city council in a landslide vote. In the city council, Ottöfrenz largely focused on civil rights issues. While a city councilwoman, Ottöfrenz became heavily associated with the newly emerging Green Party of Lashardia, developing in Beck.

Then a social democrat, Ottöfrenz registered as a Green Party member in 1990. She was a city councilor for two years, and did not seek reelection for a second term.


After her term as city councilwoman ended, Ottöfrenz began working for the Green Party in a permanent position. In the 1994 parliamentary election, Ottöfrenz was listed second on the Green Party ballot. At the conclusion of the election, the Green Party won seven seats, electing Ottöfrenz into parliament. In parliament, she focused heavily on civil rights, women's rights, and LGBT rights issues.

Green Party leaderEdit

After her time in parliament, Ottöfrenz announced her candidacy for the leadership position of the Green Party, following Edmunds Edmundsöperl's retirement. She later won a majority of the electoral votes, and was elected the leader. As the Green Party began getting more popular throughout the country, Ottöfrenz was always considered a front-runner for the prime minister position, however the Green Party never held a majority of parliament seats.

After being reelected seven times, and serving fourteen years as number-one on the Green Party parliamentary ballot, Ottöfrenz announced her resignation from the position in order to focus on her upcoming bid in the 2012 Presidential election.


Ottöfrenz was not a favorite to win the presidential election, with most polls believing the social democrats would continue their rule of the country. However, Ottöfrenz narrowly defeated them in order to become the first female president of Lashardia.

Since her election, opinion polls have shown that Lashardians generally approve of her time in office, with 81% of Lashardians claiming they believe Ottöfrenz is "doing a good job". Her presidency is known for bringing about change in Lashardia, including the abolishment of the military, the legalization of same-sex marriage, and the legalization of recreational drug use.

Personal lifeEdit

Ottöfrenz restrained from dating for many years and stated she would not marry until she felt comfortable with her life. In 1990, at the age of 38, she married her boyfriend of two years, lawyer Kenn Magsölee in a private ceremony in her hometown of Beck. Two years later, she gave birth to identical twin girls, Lilia and Pandora.

Ottöfrenz is fluent in English, Adoriamian, and Pesan in addition to her native language Lashardian.