The Republic of Populus Poetarum
Repuslin uy Populus Poetarum
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(and largest city)
Official languages Poetarumian
Ethnic groups –49% Mixed
–27% American
–13% Afghan
–7% Serb
–4% Other
Demonym Populus Poetarumian
Government Republic
Leaders President: Molina Hunter (since 2013)
Independence –12 January 2006
Population 15,194,183 (2015 estimate)
Currency Populo

Populus Poetarum (English: The Population of Poets), officially the Republic of Populus Poetarum (Poetarumian Repuslin uy Populus Poetarum), is a country on the western coast of Asmatys. It is bordered by Naxni to the north, Illuminata Maxima to the northeast, Sodrax to the east, Consensum to the southeast, and has a maritime border with Zakharia through the Asmatic Sea. As of a 2015 estimate, Populus Poetarum has 15.1 million inhabitants. 

Populus Poetarum is a republic, established under its current form in 2006. The capital city is Yuconcium, and the official language is Poetarumian. Populus Poetarum is a unitary state, comprised of four regions and a capital district.

People of Populus Poetarum are known as Populus Poetarumians. Poetarumian is an Asmatic language, and a member of the Vestoyna language family. Historically, Poetarumians belong to the Poetarumian Catholic Church and the majority of Poetarumians are Catholics, however religion is not a major part of the majority of Poetarumians' lives.

The Republic of Populus Poetarum was founded on 12 January 2006, after 12 people arrived to an empty space of land on the island of Asmatys. The people were fleeing from the United States, Afghanistan and Serbia upon the respective national happenings and soon enough, the population started growing rapidly.

Populus Poetarum is a member of the Asmatic Union and the World Assembly. It is ranked second in Asmatys on the Human Development Index, and has been classified as a high income economy. Its currency is the Poetarumian Populo.


Before Populus PoetarumEdit

It is mostly unknown who lived in the part of Asmatys before Populus Poetarumians founded a nation there, however, it is believed that the land belonged to an ancient Naxnian tribe.

Modern DayEdit

Shortly after the founding, the nation established itself as a republic and was quickly recognized by all of the World Assembly nations, the first one being Lashardia. The formal leader of the country is the president, however, the legislations are brought by the enormous, socially-minded government.


Populus Poetarum lies in southwestern Asmatys, on the shores of the Asmatic Sea. The nation borders Naxni, Illuminata Maxima, Sodrax, Consensum, and has a maritime border with Zakharia.


Populus Poetarum experiences a balanced climate depending on the region of the country. In the northeast, its largely cold and humid, while the south is largely hot and dry.

Populus Poetarum experiences all four seasons of nearly equal length. Winter starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March. Winter temperatures average -3C (27F) in the north, and 17C (63F) in the south. The north experiences heavy snowfall and short days, while the south experiences cool breezes and sunshine. Summer begins in mid-June and lasts until mid-September. Summers are typically warm and sunny in all areas of Populus Poetarum, with the exception of the region of Artilor, averaging 23C (73F) in the north, and 39C (102F) in the south.


The Populus Poetarumian environment is largely diverse by region. In the very north, most of the land consists of hills, with 90% of the region of Hillsborough made up exclusively of hills. Western Populus Poetarum is made up of fields and it is where most of the exports of the country are grown. The east of the country is made up of large mountains that get plenty of snow in the winter. The capital district, Yuconcium, is situated in between and is highly urbanized. Even though the region of Clairetiyoke has a large coastal area, there are no beaches here and this is where the wind farms of the nation are. The south is renowned for its beaches and all year round warm weather.