Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts
The school's main building.
Location Hoffmann, Ubenmoor, Lashardia
Type Boarding performing arts high school
Established 1901
Principal Dr. Bleta Edenöbela
Ages 15–18
Enrollment 800+
Campus Suburban
Colors Red & Black         

Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts (often shortened to simply Queen Maria's) is a boarding performing arts high school located in Hoffmann, Ubenmoor, Lashardia.

Queen Maria's has a prestigious reputation throughout Lashardia and all of Asmatys for being one of the best performing arts institutes on the continent. Because of this, over 20% of the school's population are international students. Like all Lashardian educational institutions, the school receives funding from the government and has no tuition rates.


The school was first founded in 1901 under the leadership of Queen Maria, a known fan of the performing arts. The school quickly became exclusive, boasting an acceptance rate of only 10% during its early years.

In 1991, the school became open to both day students and boarding students. As of 2015, about 67% of students board while 33% do not.


Students at the school must specialize in either vocal performance, sound engineering, instrumentation, dance, drama, musical theatre, or opera. In addition to this, students are allowed to put an emphasis to a certain genre, such as a specialization in dance with an emphasis on ballet.

Students must also study mathematics, science, history, Lashardian, English, a second foreign language, general music, art, and physical education throughout all three years at the school. Over 150 elective courses are offered as well, and can be taken by students.

Notable alumniEdit