Rakela Ivöblöman
Ivöblöman in 1964
Born Rakela Ivöblöman
13 March 1939
Ubenmoor, Lashardia
Died 27 July 2010 (age 71)
Ubenmoor, Lashardia
Cause of death Lung cancer
Occupation Model, actress
Alma mater Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts
Spouse Chark Charkögerets (1965–1972)
Eliot Ögöleff (1978–1989)
Pal Roköcherish (1995–2010, her death)
Modeling Career
Height 5 ft 7 in (169 cm)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Years active 1957–1988

Rakela Susanna Ivöblöman (13 March 1939 – 27 July 2010) was a Lashardian model and actress. She was best known for her roles in the 1969 sexploitation film The Gypsy Girls and in the 1973 comedy film Shoot Me Samanta.

Life and careerEdit

Early lifeEdit

Ivöblöman was born on 13 March 1939 in the Hoffmann district of Ubenmoor. Her father, Iv, was a successful businessman, while her mother, Lila, was a housewife. She had an older and younger brother. The family was upper-class.

Ivöblöman attended primary school in Hoffmann, where she was often disinterested in school, and focused her attention on boys, which her parents frequently scolded her for. In a 1969 interview, she recalled her parents walking in on her having sex when she was 15, so her father pushed the boy out of her second floor bedroom window into their pool below.

Ivöblöman graduated from primary school in 1954, and went on to attend Queen Maria's School for the Performing Arts, where she was a drama student. She graduated from high school in 1957.


After graduating from high school, Ivöblöman was unable to find work as an actress, and instead took to nude modeling. Ivöblöman built up a career as a successful nude model. She revealed that she almost entered the pornography industry, but was convinced not to by friends due to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

In 1969, she was cast in her most distinctive role, as Zakarina "Zaki" Urgölövezhdh in The Gypsy Girls. Following the success of the film, she was able to capitalize on it, and had a modest film career in the 1970s, acting in sexploitation films and B-movies, effectively retiring from nude modeling. She is also well-known for her role in the 1973 mainstream comedy film, Shoot Me Samanta. She retired from acting in 1988.


After a lifetime of smoking cigarettes, Ivöblöman was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. She fought the disease for two years, before dying of it in her Ubenmoor home on 27 July 2010, at age of 71. She was survived by her third husband, Pal Roköcherish.

Personal lifeEdit

Ivöblöman had been married three times in her lifetime. In 1965, she married lawyer Chark Charkögerets, but they divorced in 1972. She married actor Eliot Ögöleff in 1978, before divorcing in 1989. She was married to her third husband, lawyer Pal Roköcherish from 1995 until her death in 2010. She resided in the Hoffmann district of Ubenmoor for her whole life.


Year Title Role Notes
1969 The Gypsy Girls Zakarina "Zaki" Urgölövezhdh
1971 Tina's Growing Up! Tina
1972 The Color of Our Bodies Elsa
1972 In the Long Run Diana
1973 Shoot Me Samanta Samanta Greggökapperman
1974 I Spy Kristina
1977 What's It Gonna Be? Martina
1985 Slumber Hill Francheska Hansöliver

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Event Category Nominated work Result
1974 Lashardian Movie Awards Best Leading Actress – Comedy Shoot Me Samanta Won