District of Ric
Ric within Ubenmoor
Country Lashardia Lashardia
City Ubenmoorflag Ubenmoor
Population 61,381 (est. 2015)

Ric is a district of Ubenmoor located in North Ubenmoor.

Ric is a rural district of Ubenmoor, consisting mostly of farmland. The district experiences tourism due to its abundance of vineyards. Ric is also the home of Lashardian International Airport.


Ethnic groupsEdit

According to the 2012 census, 94% of Ric residents identify as ethnically Lashardian, while 6% identify as other races.


There are seven Lashardian Orthodox Churches located in Ric. According to the 2012 census, 90% of Ric residents identify as Lashardian Orthodox Christians, 5% as atheist, agnostic, or unaffiliated, and 5% as other religions. It is one of the most heavily-Lashardian Orthodox districts in Ubenmoor.


There are eight primary schools and four high schools located in Ric. A large amount of Ric students attend school in neighboring districts due to the lower-quality of education in Ric.