The X Factor: Lashardia
Season 1
Broadcast From 10 December 2014 – 2 April 2015
Judges Pal Nigtöfoor
Darya Shashinöbach
Sabine Bursöhurt
Zaras Abdulöfarwa
Host(s) Katia Ninömeyer
Broadcaster LRT
Olga Davorcha
Origin Santa Anastasia, Pesa
Hoffmann, Ubenmoor
Song "Stand By You"
Genres Lashpop, R&B, hip hop
Mentor Sabine Bursöhurt
Zig Novölark

The first season of the Lashardian version of the music competition show The X Factor, The X Factor: Lashardia, began airing on LRT on 10 December 2014.

The competition consists of auditions, in front of producers and then the judges with a live audience; boot camp; judges' houses and then the live finals. Auditions for the show began in early summer 2014 and concluded in early autumn 2014. The show was hosted by Lashardian TV presenter Katia Ninömeyer, while the judging panel consisted of Pal Nigtöfoor, Darya Shashinöbach, Sabine Bursöhurt, and Zaras Abdulöfarwa.

Season one's finale aired on 2 April 2015, resulting in Olga Davorcha as the winner, and Sabine Bursöhurt as the winning mentor.

Judges and hostEdit

At the time of announcing the Lashardian of The X Factor, there were no confirmed judges or hosts. Later, Lashardian record producer and songwriter Pal Nigtöfoor was announced as the first judge. He was followed by Lashardian record executive Zaras Abdulöfarwa, ex-Fallen Angels member Darya Shashinöbach, and recording artist Sabine Bursöhurt. Numerous people were speculated to host the series, including Shashinöbach's former bandmate Lina Leftöhamm, actor Alek Orinösampsen, and television personality Oliver Jemösan. It was later revealed that the heavily rumored radio host and actress Katia Ninömeyer would host the show.

Selection processEdit


Auditions for producers began in Ubenmoor, on 12 June. They then took place in Pivot, Jurgensland, on 19 June, and continued in Kesa, Nortensland on 1 July. More auditions took place in Vershando, Mortasland on 8 July, and finished in Beck, Skaarsland on 15 July.

For auditioners not able to attend the in-person auditions, they were able to submit an audition tape to producers.

The last set of auditions took place during August and September 2014. These auditions individually occur simultaneously before both the judges and a live studio audience; and with such audience in attendance able to applaud/cheer approval or disapproval and perhaps influencing the judges.

Summary of judges' auditions
City Date Date aired Permanent judges
Ubenmoor 19–20 August 2014 10 December 2014 Pal Nigtöfoor
Darya Shashinöbach
Sabine Bursöhurt
Zaras Abdulöfarwa
Pivot 26 August 2014 31 December 2014
Kesa 5–6 September 2014 17 December 2014
Vershando 12–13 September 2014 7 January 2015
Beck 19–20 September 2014 14 January 2015

Boot campEdit

Day one of boot camp started with dance training and then the acts were called to the stage in groups of 10 to sing in front of the judges. After all of them performed, the acts were brought in front of the judges as part of one of three groups. Two of these groups made it through and one was eliminated, leaving 100 acts still in the competition. The judges threw a party for the remaining acts that for many lasted late into the night.

Day two started with everyone getting woken up at 6:00am and heading to meet Abdulöfarwa. He informed them that they would be put into "ensembles" and groups, and would be working with stylists, choreographers, and vocal coaches. They were given five hours to learn the songs they were given. One third of the acts would be eliminated by the end of the second day. Several of the ensembles performances were aired. The first ensemble performed "Life Isn't Fair", the second ensemble performed "In My Head", the third ensemble performed "Diamond Eyes", the fourth ensemble performed "Starlight", the fifth ensemble performed "Love Me", the sixth ensemble performed "Lollipop", the seventh ensemble performed "Nothing" and the eighth ensemble performed "No One".

Day two continued with more ensembles performing for the judges. The ninth ensemble performed "You Don't Know Me". Next, they showed a couple of quick shots of some ensembles, presumably consisting of all people that would not make it through to the end. The tenth ensemble that was covered in detail performed "Let Go". The eleventh (and final) ensemble performed "Heartache". Next, the judges deliberated, and decided on which a third of the acts would be eliminated.

Day three had all 64 acts perform for the judges. They were given a list of 35 songs at the end of day two and were told to choose one that best represented them. At the end of this final boot camp round, 32 acts would go through to judges' houses. This final performance was done in front of a crowd of 3,000 people. After each of the performances, the judges gave no feedback.

The first boot camp episode aired on 21 January and covered the first two days of boot camp. The second bootcamp episode aired on 22 January and covered the rest of day two and the remainder of bootcamp. By the end of bootcamp, 162 acts were cut to 32, 8 acts in each category. The judges later found out which category they would mentor and their acts joined them at their house.

Judges' housesEdit

Era helped Nigtöfoor to pick his finalists in Morgana, Ubenmoor and Lina Leftöhamm acted as a guest judge helping Shashinöbach to pick her finalists in Hoffmann, Ubenmoor. Olia Janisöpfleg helped Abdulöfarwa choose his finalists in Kesa. Sox assisted Bursöhurt in Port of Lashardia, Pesa to pick her finalists.

The first two judges' house segments chronicling Nigtöfoor and Bursöhurt were aired on 28 January, while the final two segments showing Shashinöbach and Abdulöfarwa were aired on 29 January.

Summary of judges' houses
Judge Category Location Assistant(s) Contestants eliminated
Abdulöfarwa Boys Kesa, Nortensland Olia Janisöpfleg Edmund Jemöigar, Isak Lilöhammar, Jacob Bloomötin
Bursöhurt Girls Port of Lashardia, Pesa Sox Janisa Kevöburke, Evelina Murgöbash, Mikaela Rainösmyte
Nigtöfoor Groups Morgana, Ubenmoor Era 411, Dazzlers, The Night Owls
Shashinöbach Over 30s Hoffmann, Ubenmoor Lina Leftöhamm Albert Albertöplove, Anastasia Marie, Kassandra Peterötelar


See also: List of The X Factor: Lashardia finalists (season one).
The final 20 finalists were confirmed as follows;


     – Winner
     – Runner-up
     – Third place
Category (mentor) Acts
Boys (Abdulöfarwa) Amir Klevörachi Denis Mamörood Pal Roköleben Rok Gemishöshash Zig Novölark
Girls (Bursöhurt) Daza Fernövard Janella Magdalena Richöbeet Nina Leeköhaven Olga Davorcha
Over 30s (Shashinöbach) Dabor Nanömine Doda Rodrigöshez Jetta Jessika Klamöheishen Mörland Kjetöloven
Groups (Nigtöfoor) Black Magic Nika and the Rollers PlaqueNine Playing God Sens

Live showsEdit

Results summaryEdit

Color key
     –Contestant was eliminated by their mentor (no public vote or final showdown)
     –Contestant was in the bottom two/three and had to sing again in the final showdown
     –Contestant was in the bottom three but received the fewest votes and was immediately eliminated
     –Contestant received the fewest public votes and was immediately eliminated (no final showdown)
     –Contestant received the most public votes
Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-Up
Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe 3rd
Playing God Saved Safe Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Safe Safe 4th Eliminated
(week 8)
Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Eliminated
(week 7)
Mörland Kjetöloven Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 6th Eliminated
(week 7)
Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated
(week 6)
Saved Safe Safe Safe Safe 8th Eliminated
(week 6)
Nika and the Rollers Saved Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated
(week 5)
Nina Leeköhaven Saved Safe Safe Safe 10th Eliminated
(week 5)
Saved Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Eliminated
(week 4)
Jetta Saved Safe Safe 12th Eliminated
(week 4)
Jessika Klamöheishen Saved Safe Bottom 3 Eliminated
(week 3)
Magdalena Richöbeet Saved Bottom 3 14th Eliminated
(week 3)
Denis Mamörood Saved Bottom 3 Eliminated
(week 2)
Sens Saved 16th Eliminated
(week 2)
Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Janella Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
PlaqueNine Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Rok Gemishöshash Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Final showdown None Mamörood,
Black Magic,
Black Magic,
Playing God
Nika and the Rollers,
Playing God
No final showdown or judges' votes; results were based on public votes alone
Judges voted to Save Eliminate
Black Magic,
Nika and the Rollers,
Playing God,
Mamörood Klamöheishen Black Magic Nika and the Rollers Klevörachi Klevörachi
Shashinöbach's vote Nanömine,
Mamörood Black Magic Playing God Nika and the Rollers Roköleben Klevörachi
Bursöhurt's vote Fernövard,
Mamörood Klamöheishen Black Magic Nika and the Rollers Klevörachi Klevörachi
Abdulöfarwa's vote Klevörachi,
Richöbeet Klamöheishen Playing God Nika and the Rollers Roköleben Nanömine
Eliminated PlaqueNine
by Nigtöfoor
Public vote to save
Magdalena Richöbeet
Public vote to save
Public vote to save
Nina Leeköhaven
Public vote
to save
Daza Fernövard
Public Vote
to save
Mörland Kjetöloven
Public vote to save
Playing God
Public vote to save
Dabor Nanömine
Public vote
to win
Doda Rodrigöshez
by Shashinöbach
by Bursöhurt
Denis Mamörood
3 of 4 votes
Jessika Klamöheishen
3 of 4 votes
Black Magic 
2 of 4 votes
Nika and the Rollers
4 of 4 votes
Pal Roköleben
2 of 4 votes
Amir Klevörachi
3 of 4 votes
Zig Novölark
Public vote
to win
Rok Gemishöshash
by Abdulöfarwa

Live show detailsEdit

Week 1 (4 February)Edit

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Dabor Nanömine 1 "Flesh and Bone" Safe
Janella 2 "Immortal" Eliminated
Amir Klevörachi 3 "La La Love" Safe
Nika and the Rollers 4 "This Is What Rock 'N' Roll Looks Like" Safe
Jessika Klamöheishen 5 "Now You're Gone" Safe
Nina Leeköhaven 6 "Summer Love" Safe
Pal Roköleben 7 "Nothin' But You" Safe
PlaqueNine 8 "This Place" Eliminated
Jetta 9 "Close Your Eyes" Safe
Magdalena Richöbeet 10 "Cry for You" Safe
Denis Mamörood 11 "Can I?" Safe
Black Magic 12 "Radio 101" Safe
Doda Rodrigöshez 13 "Flira" Eliminated
Olga Davorcha 14 "Call Your Lover" Safe
Rok Gemishöshash 15 "Girlfriend" Eliminated
Sens 16 "Chlora" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 17 "Starfall" Safe
Daza Fernövard 18 "Erklak" Safe
Zig Novölark 19 "Strong" Safe
Playing God 20 "Building It Up" Safe
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: PlaqueNine – He saw little chemistry between the two of them onstage and didn't think that this was the right business for them.
  • Shashinöbach: Rodrigöshez – She thought the other acts wanted it more.
  • Bursöhurt: Janella – She saw the other acts as more marketable.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Gemishöshash – Gemishöshash forgot his lyrics.

Week 2 (11/12 February)Edit

  • Theme: 90s anthems
  • Group performance: "Follow Me Down"
  • Musical guest: Olia Janisöpfleg ("Like No One's Watching" and "Perfect")
Contestants' performances on the second live show
Act Order Song Result
Sens 1 "Lasdi" Eliminated
Jessika Klamöheishen 2 "Beggin'" Safe
Pal Roköleben 3 "Ti" Safe
Magdalena Richöbeet 4 "Somethin' Strange" Final showdown
Playing God 5 "When I'm With Ya" Safe
Dabor Nanömine 6 "Wings of Love" Safe
Amir Klevörachi 7 "Smile" Safe
Olga Davorcha 8 "Youth" Safe
Nika and the Rollers 9 "Hit Me Like a Man" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 10 "Rockaway" Safe
Denis Mamörood 11 "Queens" Final showdown
Daza Fernövard 12 "Tatöaż zemum" Safe
Black Magic 13 "Superstition" Safe
Jetta 14 "Fairytale" Safe
Zig Novölark 15 "Lover Boys" Safe
Nina Leeköhaven 16 "Take Your Time" Safe
Final showdown details
Denis Mamörood 1 "Single" Eliminated
Magdalena Richöbeet 2 "My Eyes" Safe
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: Mamörood – No reason given.
  • Shashinöbach: Mamörood – No reason given.
  • Bursöhurt: Mamörood – Backed her own act, Richöbeet.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Richöbeet – Backed his own act, Mamörood

Week 3 (18/19 February)Edit

  • Theme: Lashardian songs
  • Group performance: "Nomo hvor"
  • Musical guest: Sox ("Come 'N' Get It (Mama Lasda)")
Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Result
Daza Fernövard 1 "Dion" Safe
Amir Klevörachi 2 "Toppa" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 3 "Żlo" Safe
Nika and the Rollers 4 "Ki żli sikopat" Safe
Olga Davorcha 5 "Öd skicel"  Safe
Zig Novölark 6 "Jak" Safe
Jetta 7 "Żla ti" Safe
Playing God 8 "Lvorja ti" Safe
Nina Leeköhaven 9 "Deda" Safe
Pal Roköleben 10 "Angeli" Safe
Jessika Klamöheishen 11 "Mivlippa" Final showdown
Black Magic 12 "Prefijetija" Final showdown
Magdalena Richöbeet 13 "Hemlo ti" Eliminated
Dabor Nanömine 14 "Löba" Safe
Final showdown details
Jessika Klamöheishen 1 "Dedicated" Eliminated
Black Magic 2 "Rhythm In Me" Safe
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: Klamöheishen – Backed his own act, Black Magic.
  • Shashinöbach: Black Magic – Backed her own act, Klamöheishen.
  • Bursöhurt: Klamöheishen – Saw more potential in Black Magic.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Klamöheishen – Thought Black Magic was more talented.

Week 4 (25/26 February)Edit

  • Theme: Lashpop
  • Group performance: "Streets of Gold"
  • Musical guest: MegaRotz & Malisa ("Fire")
Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song Result
Pal Roköleben 1 "Nothing Is Perfect" Safe
Playing God 2 "Cry Me a River" Final showdown
Jetta 3 "Money Money Money" Eliminated
Nina Leeköhaven 4 "Unloved" Safe
Zig Novölark 5 "The Otherside" Safe
Black Magic 6 "Pity Party" Final showdown
Dabor Nanömine 7 "Zero Gravity" Safe
Daza Fernövard 8 "I Wanna Have Your Babies" Safe
Amir Klevörachi 9 "Get Away With Murder" Safe
Nika and the Rollers 10 "Irreplaceable" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 11 "Stars" Safe
Olga Davorcha 12 "Alive" Safe
Final showdown details
Black Magic 1 "I'm Leaving Tonight" Eliminated
Playing God 2 "Over the Sky" Safe
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: Black Magic – Couldn't decide, so he sent the vote to deadlock.
  • Shashinöbach: Playing God – Thought Black Magic would make it farther.
  • Bursöhurt: Black Magic – Stated Black Magic was already in the bottom so they deserve to go home.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Playing God – Stated he believed Black Magic was the best group in the competition.

Week 5 (4/5 March)Edit

  • Theme: American hits
  • Group performance: "Syrup & Honey"
  • Musical guest: Neverland ("In a Moment Like This")
Contestants' performances on the fifth live show
Act Order Song Result
Olga Davorcha 1 "Love On Top" Safe
Nika and the Rollers 2 "I Love Rock 'N' Roll" Final showdown
Amir Klevörachi 3 "Boyfriend" Safe
Dabor Nanömine 4 "Angel" Safe
Nina Leeköhaven 5 "Stars Dance" Eliminated
Playing God 6 "Marvin Gaye" Final showdown
Zig Novölark 7 "Holocene" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 8 "Your Body Is a Wonderland" Safe
Pal Roköleben 9 "Gold" Safe
Daza Fernövard 10 "Halo" Safe
Final showdown details
Playing God 1 "Bad Girls" Safe
Nika and the Rollers 2 "A Window to the Stars" Eliminated
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: Nika and the Rollers – Gave no reason.
  • Shashinöbach: Nika and the Rollers – Gave no reason.
  • Bursöhurt: Nika and the Rollers – Stated Playing God's final showdown performance swayed her.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Nika and the Rollers – Thought Playing God had more potential.

Week 6 (11/12 March)Edit

  • Theme: Rock
  • Group performance: "Forever Young"
  • Musical guest: Matelda Hanköjons ("Dragon")
Contestants' performances on the sixth live show
Act Order Song Result
Zig Novölark 1 "Goodbye" Safe
Daza Fernövard 2 "Nica" Eliminated
Playing God 3 "Madman" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 4 "Beaten & Bruised" Safe
Pal Roköleben 5 "Heart Games" Final showdown
Olga Davorcha 6 "Loch" Safe
Dabor Nanömine 7 "Alone" Safe
Amir Klevörachi 8 "Gravity" Final showdown
Final showdown details
Pal Roköleben 1 "In the Darkest Hour" Eliminated
Amir Klevörachi 2 "Stupid" Safe
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: Klevörachi – Thought Roköleben was more original.
  • Shashinöbach: Roköleben – Saw more potential in Klevörachi.
  • Bursöhurt: Klevörachi – Stated Roköleben's performances moved her.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Roköleben – Thought Roköleben didn't stand a chance in the industry.

Week 7 (18/19 March)Edit

  • Theme: Mentor's choice; contestant's choice
  • Group performance: "History Repeats"
  • Musical guest: Kam Wiköluk ("Amazing")
Contestants' performances on the seventh live show
Act Order Song Result
Amir Klevörachi 1 "Love Story" Final showdown
Olga Davorcha 2 "Fly" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 3 "A Monster Like Me" Eliminated
Playing God 4 "Point At Me" Safe
Zig Novölark 5 "Sparks" Safe
Dabor Nanömine 6 "My Liberty" Final showdown
Amir Klevörachi 7 "Work of Art" Final showdown
Olga Davorcha 8 "Little Things" Safe
Mörland Kjetöloven 9 "The Music In Me" Eliminated
Playing God 10 "The Last Second Chance" Safe
Zig Novölark 11 "White Noise" Safe
Dabor Nanömine 12 "Raven" Final showdown
Final showdown details
Amir Klevörachi 1 "The Time of My Life" Eliminated
Dabor Nanömine 2 "A Sea of Stars" Safe
Judges' decisions to eliminate
  • Nigtöfoor: Klevörachi – Stated Nanömine had "the voice of an angel".
  • Shashinöbach: Klevörachi – Backed her own act, Nanömine.
  • Bursöhurt: Klevörachi – Called Nanömine one of her favorite acts in the competition.
  • Abdulöfarwa: Nanömine – Backed his own act, Klevörachi.

Week 8: Semi-finals (25/26 March)Edit

  • Theme: Dance floor hits; song to get you to the final
  • Group performance: "You Get What You Get"
  • Musical guest: Abbe ("Be My Guest")
Contestants' performances on the eighth live show
Act Order Song Result
Playing God 1 "Black Tie" Eliminated
Dabor Nanömine 2 "Kö isha żlo" Safe
Olga Davorcha 3 "Kingdom" Safe
Zig Novölark 4 "Scream" Safe
Playing God 5 "Love Myself" Eliminated
Dabor Nanömine 6 "Apple of My Eye" Safe
Olga Davorcha 7 "Love & Hate" Safe
Zig Novölark 8 "Leave" Safe

Week 9: Finals (1/2 April)Edit

Contestants' performances on the final live show
Act Order Song Result
Dabor Nanömine 1 "Indivisible" Third place
Zig Novölark 2 "Lesoti ö si" (with Ebona Jonölark) Runner-up
Olga Davorcha 3 "Stand By You" Winner
Dabor Nanömine 4 "Löba" Third place
Zig Novölark 5 "Lucky Strike" Runner-up
Olga Davorcha 6 "Alive" Winner
Dabor Nanömine 7 "Jak" (with Katia Flaksöberg) Third place
Zig Novölark 8 "Leave" Runner-up
Olga Davorcha 9 "Thinking About You" (with Anastasia Pricharcha) Winner